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Hottie Golf

Poker Chips

Poker Chips

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If you're a lover of the elegant sport, why not take your love to the board too? Now, our poker chips are here to make just that possible.

They come with one of our best-selling and hottest divots, "Always Alexa," marked on it. The elegance and beauty they portray in the black and white strips they're designed in give them that premium appearance you need to make your poker chips stand out from all the rest.


  • Personalized Poker Chips are made with our awesome hot divot on them.
  • Bringing a golf divot to your poker chips allows you to drag the love of the golf game straight from the course to the casino or to a boy's night.
  • Besides the beauty, our poker chips come strong and heavy to avoid cracking and color loss on both the rims and faces. 
  • If your love the game of Poker as deep as the course, why not pour them into your pockets and rub them every shot you're about to take? 
  • They come in packs of 10, 20, and 30


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