Why us?

... For a Golf Partner! Divot tools that are more than tools, BUT Fun Activators. We aspired to add a little bit of fun with our tools, who said you can't be the talk of the fairway!

Take Sasha Home!

Made with a stainless steel body, she is rigid and ready to go! She has a perfectly designed curve to draw attention to the right places... while having her feet designed to be able to repair your pitch marks!

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enjoy your time on the fairway with our products. Our long lasting well made products are sure to help you beat out the competition while doing it in style. Get your Pitch Mark tools today!

About Us

The entire reason of why Hottie Golf was created was to have fun. Sure we have a bit more 'adult' made products than the rest of the competition; but that's what makes us better!

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  • 'Wowed My Son'

    I bought this for my son's 19th birthday and he went out with his friend who said they all loved it!

    Pete W. 
  • 'Amazing Quality'

    For the affordable price it was suprising stunning quality and I love it but

    PS: my wife dosen't LOL

    James K. 
  • 'Speedy Delivery'

    My product came alot quicker than I thought and I coulndn't be happier

    Samuel W 
  • 'Loving It!'

    I bought it very skeptical about the quality but I have used it for over a year and love it!

    Jason M. 
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